I have been working professionally in the software industry for 15 years. I have worked with leading brands, high traffic projects and many start-ups. I developed e-commerce, logistics, ERP and B2B software for 8 years at Altın Kitaplar, Başarı Dağıtım, Tırtıl Kids and Doğru Bilişim companies. Additionally, I worked as a Software Team Lead at EMC Bilişim, developing e-commerce and network marketing software.

In 2008, I founded Turkey's popular science website "Fizikist", where we work to make science more understandable and enjoyable by reaching millions of users. For 2 years, I organized 15 conferences called "Fizikist Bilim Konuşmaları" (Fizikist Science Talks) in which scientists took part as speakers. In 2013, I founded "DijiDiji", which covers internet startups and investments, includes news in many categories in the internet industry. In 2017, I launched "Fizikist Çocuk", where we organize science workshops for hundreds of children at pre-school and primary education levels and offer kindergarten consultancy and curriculum programs.

Currently, I continue to work as the Back-End Software Team Lead at FLO in projects in Turkey and the global market.